Black Ops 3 Beta

So i haven’t been blogging for awhile. I have been so busy! I haven’t had a whole lot of spare money to spend on my funko collection so i have been a bit stumped on what to blog about. I did spend a good part of a week, playing the black ops 3 beta.  I enjoyed it and can’t wait for the game to officially be released! I hope you all got to try it out! I can’t wait to try out the game with access to the full features.  I thought the quality of the graphics was pretty awesome and better than Avanced Warfare’s.  Anyway i am in major pop envy and can’t wait to get my hands on some new pops.  I see that there are so many good ones still to be released this year and i would love to get them all!


Wanna see what’s in my ELDER SCROLLS tin?

Woohoo!  I have put out 3 blog posts this week!  That is a pretty cool achievement!  I thought that i would just do this post up real quick because i could have included this info in a previous post.  Since i do have the limited edition elder scrolls tin, i thought that i would give you guys a quick peek at it.  Like i stated in my previous post, i got this baby priced matched so only paid $65 which is a bargain!

So on the back of the tin is a copy of signatures from some of the key figures responsible for this game.  I only remembered this point now and i don’t have any more space on my phone for more pics so you can use your imagination 🙂

Inside is pretty standard contents.  Just the game and a map……..which is actually kind of useless


But there you go!  The contents of this tin.  It isn’t anything special or flash but that’s ok.  The game makes up for it.  Happy Gaming 🙂

While you were gaming…. ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE

So i have been playing ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE.  I got the game at launch so you would think that i would be level 50 by now right? No.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not for the lack of trying.  In the first few days, i was already battling with others….just to be able to get onto a server.  As time goes on and more and more people are buying the game, downloading 15gb of updates and then trying to play the game, it was getting harder to get onto a server and then stay on that server but ESO quickly got these issues sorted out.  Today though, i am again waiting to be able to play.  There is another 15gb update that is imposing itself onto my playstation.  I looked up why i am being forced to wait all over again and it seems that i have to endure this up-date for only 900mb worth of patches. Why do i have to wait for the full 15gb to download again? Why is my internet being hijacked right now? WHY ? I am lucky that i have unlimited internet. These large up-dates might make you want to give up.

I was going to pre-order the game but i was finding that the price was getting cheaper towards the release date so i just decided to wait to buy it and i ended up getting Eb Games to price match it to another store.  I ended up paying $65 for the limited edition tin.  I bought two 🙂


I was mega excited to get this game and i have been looking forward to playing ESO for ages! I have played Skyrim to death so i needed something new from this franchise.  My first impressions of this game left me wanting more.  I decided to make a character on each server so that i would have a choice when the waiting times get rough.  There seems to be a lot of server maintenance on this game which always happens when i am in my playing prime!


This reminds me of someone BUTT i can’t get my memory to twerk

Right now i am still trying to work out what stuff is worth collecting but i am finding that a lot of traders don’t want my crap so i am left lugging it around or being forced to destroy items for space.  I am thinking that i might work on leveling myself up and then get working on all things crafting etc.  This game is immensely huge and hopefully there will be a lot of things that i will enjoy doing.  I want to complete every element of the game and lucky for me, it looks like there will be a lot to do.  I don’t mind grinding and i just bought my horse!

I am loving the human interaction in this game and i think that this is what sets apart ESO from many other games as well as enhances your gaming experience.  I love being able to play solo or join up with a group (providing that they are on the same server as me) I love the impromptu flash mobs that you can start/join while you are running around.  I have been running around half naked which also happens to be a way to get loads of friend requests lol.  I love it when you are just about to get slaughtered by an enemy and someone comes along and saves your bacon.  I also get a laugh from the double meanings that you get when you say things like I AM PULLING and I AM LOW ON STAMINA.


So far, i am still working things out and i need to see if i can get my combat to be a bit more smooth but overall, i am really enjoying this game. Oh i have a tip for those who are playing this game.  DON’T BE THAT GUY who takes all the loot without contributing to the battle.  Ya know, you see them out of the corner of your eye, running around on the outskirts and the only reason that they are there is to flog shit.

Minion Mania

I went shopping and all the shops are going mad with financial year sales.  I swear that i have never seen so much yellow in my life, not even when i look directly at the sun.  Everybody has minion mania.  Awhile back i found that minions had infiltrated my local corner store. Hey i just wanted some milk but i couldn’t resist buying these minion tic tacs.


If you buy these and look closely, you will see that every tic tac is printed with a different minion character.  I use my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to take pics (which is an excellent phone and does take great pics) but i could not take a clear enough close up pic of their faces.

These taste a lot better than i expected them to.  I thought that this product would rely on the gimmick factor and that the actual taste of the tic tac would be a let down but it wasn’t the case with these.  Plus i am not a big fan of banana flavoured things lol.

Super Nintendo was the console of my generation

Let’s take a trip down retro lane…..we are headed to the 90’s baby!

Christmas 1995 was the best christmas that i had as a child.  I remember looking under that tree and seeing a fairly big box and of course, that is the box that i want to open first.  I kind of had an inkling that it was going to be something that i had been asking for all year.  I mean, i couldn’t have mentioned the Super Nintendo any more than i did to my dad who passed this on to Santa.  It seems that Santa finally gave me what i wanted for christmas and i felt the joy overwhelm me as i unwrapped the box and find myself looking at my  brand new and very precious Super Nintendo.


Games back then were so simple ie crap but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  My parents had bills so i didn’t get the donkey kong’s or the super mario’s.  I got Unirally, Tetris 2 and Whizz.  Times were changing and so were the people.  They always want more or better and so i was jumping on the Super Nintendo band wagon just as others were getting off and going to the new consoles but i didn’t care.  This ended up being the only gaming console that i had during my childhood but i wouldn’t change that.  I spent as much time as i could playing the games until i got bored of clocking them over and over.  I remember having a friend come over and we sat there playing games for ages and ended up hogging the tv at news time lol.  Sadly i don’t still have my original Super Nintendo but thank god for ebay.  I now have been able to get another console and a few games for it and this collection is bigger than what i used to own.  I want to add more games to it though.


I am glad that i got to have this console be a big part of my childhood and i believe that these things are troopers! Over 20 years old and they are still kicking which is probably more than i can say for this generation of consoles.  They don’t make things like they used to.  I love the hardy snes game cartridges.  If they don’t boot, just blow a puff of air onto the connectors and the game works! Can’t say that about a game disc!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Funko Pop Collection part 2

So here it is! I can finally do this post as i now have the full collection.

I was looking forward to the day that i could write this post.  In all honesty, i could have gotten around to writing this post earlier as i have had the complete collection together for awhile but ya know, life happens.  So i have all the pops in this collection now and i will add anymore that get released in the future.  I am so happy to call these pops mine and when i started collecting these. i told myself that i would be happy just to get this collection and i would not worry about the rest….boy oh boy was i mistaken. I am sure that in the distant future, people will be going into rehab for funko addictions. I may or may not be among those people but i will never admit that i have a problem, so good luck to you Future Addiction Counsellor.


This glare filled pic was the best that my lazy butt could provide you right now. These beauties are in my cabinet and i didn’t want to pull them all out because as i said, i am lazy but if you look past the photo quality, you will see that these pops are the chase variants for the collection.


These are the normal versions of those chase pops


I’ll be putting good pics on my funko collection page in the future but this will do for now. Happy Hunting! 🙂

recent pop additions!

I got me some new pops! Another pop for my Game of Thrones Collection and half of the X-Files collection.  I reckon that the X-files pops are pretty cool.  I still have to get the smoking man and the alien to complete this set.


I also got another Harley Quinn and i am thinking that i might collect a few more of this chick.


This was just a quick up-date for y’all! Happy Hunting!